Welcome to Memorial Early College High School

Hello, MECHS Students & Parents - Students are contributing positively toward maintaining a professional learning environment at MECHS and I am very appreciative of this.  Trust, respect, and responsibility go a long way!  We were able to incorporate College Focus Time where students had access to work space and computers to end the week in an organized and more prepared way.
Knowledge & Thinking:  The ability to reason, problem-solve, develop sound arguments or decisions, and create new ideas by using appropriate sources and applying the knowledge and skills of a discipline.
Written Communication:  The ability to effectively communicate knowledge and thinking through writing by organizing and structuring ideas and using discipline appropriate language and conventions.
Oral Communication: The ability to communicate knowledge and thinking through effective oral presentations.
Collaboration: The ability to be a productive member of diverse teams through strong interpersonal communication, a commitment to shared success, leadership, and initiative. 
Develop Growth Mindset:  I can grow my intelligence and skill through effort, practice and challenge.  The brain grows bigger with use, like a muscle.  
Take Ownership Over One's Learning: I can learn how to learn and monitor progress to be successful on tasks, school, and life.