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MECHS History

At MECHS, we invest in our students by facilitating learning that builds excitement and curiosity. We develop critical thinkers who will positively impact their community and the future.

We are an Early College High School (ECHS), a New Technology High School (NTN), and a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Academy (STEM). Here is a quick breakdown of how these three designations are connected and help to put the person on their path:

Collaboration and communication are the instruments that allow deeper learning to occur amongst our students, as well as ourselves as teachers and across contents.  Agency is the driver of personal accountability and the perseverance needed to endure learning through a project and to create a quality product and presentation of learning.  Finally, project-based learning (PBL) and problem-based learning (PrBL) provide the means for creating a rigorous, academic experience that connects the student to the content and the content to its authentic context.  This holistic approach is capable through a specialized grading system based on school-wide learning outcomes (SWLOs) and an interactive learning platform (ECHO).  

Academic Program:

  • Honors-level program of study for all to prepare for college-level coursework
  • Standards-based curriculum that holds all students to high expectations
  • Engaging instruction that emphasizes learning through inquiry
  • Academic catch-up program combining basic skills with advanced concepts
  • Differentiated instruction that meets the learning needs of each student
  • Scaffold exposure to college-level instruction and college courses
  • Daily schedule and yearly calendar structured to extend learning


School Culture

  • Staff commitment to motivate and inspire students
  • Multiple modes of academic support
  • Mentoring of students
  • Construction of peer culture that supports each other’s success
  • Family involvement that supports student success
  • College partnership that reinforces college-going culture
  • Clear student behavioral norms


Organizational Practices

  • Data-driven approach to curriculum, instruction, and school design
  • Hiring and development of staff with skills and values to fulfill school mission
  • Shared leadership and collective decision-making
  • Student role in shaping school direction
  • Development of common tools to ensure consistent academic expectations
  • Multi-faced staff development that continuously improves teaching quality
  • Leader who serves as “keeper of the flame,” reinforcing mission and culture


Top Ways to Act Like a Scholar

  • Consider yourself a scholar! Being a “scholar” implies active participation, understanding, and searching.
  • Define yourself as a “thinking explorer.” You are responsible for your education; an instructor can only guide and facilitate- you must actively pursue your learning experiences.
  • Strive to achieve your highest level of excellence!
  • Concentrate on becoming a life-long learner; the quest for knowledge will be help you soar to new heights!
  • Ask questions…..do not ever be afraid! Many times questions are more important than answers.
  • Enjoy the journey! Scholarly learning involves collaboration and sharing of information.

(Adapted from Collegiate High School)

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